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The Company originated from Hanyang Arsenal founded by Zhang Zhidong, one of top officials in late Qing Dynasty, with a history of more than 130 years. It was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1995 (stock code: Jianche B), and is now affiliated to CSGC. The Company owns a wholly-owned subsidiary and 5 equity joint ventures, which specialize in the developing, manufacturing and sales of  A/C compressors, motorcycles and their parts.

  • 1889 Since

    130 years of history

  • 1.4 Billion

    RMB 1.4 billion

  • 190000 Square meters

    Covering area

  • 330 Million

    Annual production capacity


Overall view of Hanyang Arsenal in 1890

National Freedom and Liberation (1889-1949)

Harboring a strong sense of patriotism, Zhang Zhidong founded Shimen Firearms Factory in 1889, which is a leading figure in the Westernisation Movement in late Qing Dynasty, renamed it Hanyang Arsenal in 1904, and Hanyang-made rifles which have equipped several generations of Chinese army had been born ever since. Hanyang-made rifles have been used by Chinese people to drive away foreign powers and fascists, to overthrow the barriers of a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, and to establish the People's Republic of China, achieving national independence, freedom and liberation.


New China's Construction(1950-1970)

After experiencing more than 60 years of war, the Chinese nation ushered in a new era, the founding of the People's Republic of China, and a upsurge in  New China's construction spread across the entire country. The Company enthusiastically participated in the great cause of New China's construction, actively pioneered the development of civil products, and produced some basic products including the equipment used for Chengdu-Chongqing railway's construction, type 26 vehicles of Yangtze River brand, machine tools, and generators, etc.

Pursuit for a Better Life(1970-1982)

As New China's construction had been gradually improved, people's spiritual and material pursuits and their yearning for a better life were getting stronger and stronger, the Company began to focus on developing products which are closer to daily life, and produced electric multi-functional sewing machines, air rifles for sports events, cigarette filter tip connecting devices and other products.


People's Transport Solution(1982- Present)

Under the tide of reform and opening-up, China was aligning with the rest of world, and exchanges between people of all ethnic groups across the country and from all over the world became the mainstream. In order to meet the people's demand for convenient travel, the company began to develop the motorcycle industry and establish a strategic cooperative relationship with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. based in Japan in the 1980s. The hit product CY80 motorcycle had been the best-selling motorcycle for more than 20 years, and its cumulative sales exceeded 3.5 million, creating a miracle of the Chinese motorcycle industry.

Tapped into Automotive Thermal Management System Industry

In the 1990s, cars began to enter ordinary families. In order to improve the driving and riding comfort, the Company made its foray into the automotive thermal management system industry and was committed to the production of A/C compressors, the core part of automotive thermal management systems. In the beginning, we introduced fixed displacement rotary vane compressors by importing Japanese CK's compressor technology; later, established an equity joint venture with Hanon Systems based in South Korea to produce variable swash-plate compressors.
The HV series (HV12/ HV14/ HV17/ HV19) of automobile A/C compressor under production is the newly-optimized variable swash-plate compressor from Hanon Systems, featuring new technology, high performance, low noise, energy efficiency and consumption reduction, represents the development trend of automotive A/C compressor in the future. Meanwhile, Hanon Jianshe attached importance to the intelligence construction of its production processes, the automation rate of machining and assembly lines reached 97%, 88% respectively, with product quality and production safety been guaranteed through Hanon Systems's unique online detection system.


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EFI Valve Body 


Providing safe and comfortable travelling products for the customers

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