talent construction

With the insight of talents, the sincerity of loving talents, the courage of using talents, the elegance of accommodating talents, and the good prescription of gathering talents,
will gather outstanding talents from all aspects to build an internationally competitive auto parts enterprise. In the great journey!

Employing Philosophy
Both ability and political integrity, pioneering and enterprising, people-oriented

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of staff and quality of life, pursuing the fundamental harmony between people and science, reflecting the greatest value of people, and actively creating a good working and living environment for the growth of talents.

We vigorously advocate the policies of career retention, emotional retention and benefit retention, and regularly select and send all kinds of outstanding talents to colleges and universities for training or further study. We will make an exception to promote and reuse talents, and constantly improve the promotion mechanism that makes outstanding employees stand out.

We have a complete welfare policy system, pay five insurances and one fund, provide new college students with housing subsidies, transportation subsidies, one-time family allowance, handle household registration procedures, and act as an agent for personnel file management. The company's employees to implement broadband compensation and post performance pay system.

We warmly welcome high-level talents such as undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and all kinds of social talents to join us, so as to provide you with a place to display your talents and build a stage to realize your ideals.