Xinhua News Agency: Moving towards Green, State owned Assets and Central Enterprises Shine the Ecological Background of High Quality Development


Water and grass depend on each other, trees form shade, and many egrets or branches inhabit, or spread their wings to dance

Water and grass depend on each other, trees form shade, and many egrets or branches inhabit, or spread their wings to dance, adding vitality to the factory with densely covered pipe galleries and tanks... There is a natural habitat of egrets in the plant area of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company of Sinopec in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Every spring and summer, thousands of egrets breed here.

The "egret flying in petrochemical enterprises" has become a beautiful business card for the ecological protection of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Industry, and also reflects the exploration and practice of foreign-funded central enterprises moving towards green. In recent years, state-owned central enterprises have steadfastly taken the path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon development, and the "gold content" and "green content" of development have continuously increased.

Zhenhai Refining and Chemical launched a global slow live broadcast, showcasing a real-time panoramic view of bird breeding and habitat in the park. This is a screenshot of the live broadcast on June 11th.

Accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

As the "backbone" of the national economy, the overall industrial structure of central enterprises is "biased". Starting from this objective reality, state-owned central enterprises are firmly grasping the key force of industrial structure transformation and upgrading, and implementing a green and low-carbon transformation strategy.

Innovate the drainage system of mining roads to achieve water recycling and reuse; Upgrade the sprinkler system to triple the dust reduction effect; Banning coal-fired boilers, implementing air heating, and reducing coal consumption by 8000 tons per year... At the Nanfen open-pit iron mine of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, a subsidiary of Ansteel Group, the bold technological transformation continuously enhances the new atmosphere of this century old mine.

Relying on digital technology, we are developing projects such as unmanned vehicle driving and remote control of hook machines, and the mine will enter a new stage of intelligent mining, "said Li Bin, the manager of Nanfen Open Pit Iron Mine.

Statistics show that from 2016 to 2022, central enterprises have solved a total of 16.44 million tons of steel overcapacity and 119 million tons of coal overcapacity. Coal power enterprises have completed the task of ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units, chemical enterprises have built "zero discharge" projects for wastewater, and building materials enterprises have strengthened the recycling of solid waste and hazardous waste.

Traditional industries are accelerating their transformation, and emerging industries are also accelerating their layout. In the past five years, the average annual growth rate of central enterprises' investment in new energy, new materials and other fields has exceeded 20%, and the Digital transformation action plan and 5G application "Sailing" action have been further promoted.

As the industrial structure continues to shift towards high-end and low-carbon, the high-quality development of central enterprises is becoming more green.

Transformation of energy towards green and low-carbon direction

"Swallow" the waste cooking oil and "spit out" the biological Jet fuel - In Zhenhai Refining and Chemical, the first domestic biological aviation kerosene industrial plant has been able to achieve large-scale production. Mo Dingge, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., said that compared with traditional Jet fuel, the CO2 emissions of biological aviation kerosene in the whole life cycle can be reduced by more than 50% at most.

It is understood that since the beginning of this year, airlines such as China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines have completed multiple flights using sustainable aviation fuel from Zhenhai Refinery, using practical actions to protect the blue sky and white clouds, and conveying the sustainable development concept of "energy conservation, carbon reduction, and green flight".

Guided by the "dual carbon" goal, state-owned assets and central enterprises coordinate energy supply guarantee and green transformation, continuously promoting the accelerated transformation of energy structure towards green and low-carbon direction.

——The efficiency of energy and resource utilization continues to improve. Strengthen the clean and efficient utilization of coal, and the central coal and electricity enterprises have fully completed the task of ultra-low emission transformation



Proposal | Let the Spirit of Lei Feng shine on the journey of building a world-class enterprise

Proposal | Let the Spirit of Lei Feng shine on the journey of building a world-class enterprise



Fully recognized

On May 29th, in order to build a team of grassroots party workers who are capable of dedication, daring to take on responsibilities, good at mass work, and good at organizing and coordinating, the company held the 2023 party building training in the third conference room. More than 70 grassroots party organization secretaries, branch members, and new party member representatives from the company participated in the training.


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