Xu Xianping Investigates Changan Automobile and Dajiang Industry


Make good use of investigation and research "heirloom" to continuously promote the deepening and effectiveness of theme education.

Make good use of investigation and research "heirloom" to continuously promote the deepening and effectiveness of theme education.
From May 17 to 18, Xu Xianping, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and chairman of Norinco Group, went deep into Changan Automobile and Dajiang Industry for research, visited cadres and employees, cared about the production and operation of enterprises, guided the development of theme education, solved problems and difficulties faced by enterprises on the spot, studied and deployed the ideas and measures of "developing new bureaus and building new achievements" and deeply promoted the "133" strategy. Vice General Manager and Party member He Jiwu accompanied the research.
At Changan Automobile, Xu Xianping listened to the report on production, operation and special work of the current period and pointed out that:
In the face of fierce market competition and changes in the industry, Changan Automobile cadres and employees worked together and worked hard. From January to April, they achieved positive year-on-year growth in sales, revenue, profits and market share. New energy vehicles are moving forward steadily. Thematic education is really focused on practical work, and the inspection work has been implemented. The results are gratifying and worthy of full recognition.
Xu Xianping requires:
We will steadfastly and steadily pursue progress to advance our overseas strategy, and coordinate our overseas business layout based on the "Building a world-class automotive brand" and the promotion of the "Hai Na Bai Chuan" plan.
Deeply studying the strategies for breaking new energy vehicles requires not only studying customers, markets, products, and competitors, but also managing the relationship between sales volume and profits to achieve sustainable development.
Standing on the national strategic overall situation, expanding the development advantages of new energy vehicles, firmly shouldering the responsibility of military industry central enterprises, and strengthening, optimizing, and expanding Chang'an new energy vehicles.

At Dajiang Industry, Xu Xianping fully affirmed the achievements made in the production and operation, reform and development, theme education, and other aspects of the enterprise, and encouraged the enterprise to:
Firm confidence, go all out, expand and strengthen the industry, clarify the development path of military products business, consolidate and expand platform advantages, create main products, and enhance industry competitiveness; The forging business should be combined with the automotive industry and the development trend of forging, and focus on tackling forging technology and upgrading the company.
Effectively strengthen communication and docking with the Chongqing Municipal Government, and make great efforts to promote the implementation of the Science and Technology Innovation City project as soon as possible.
We will effectively carry out theme education and inspection rectification, implement various tasks such as safety and confidentiality, and focus on solving the urgent and difficult problems faced by employees.
He Jiwu pointed out:
Changan Automobile should grasp the timing, timing and efficiency, take multiple measures to win the key battle of improving the sales of new energy vehicles, and give specific guidance to overseas layout and special business.
Dajiang Industry needs to seize the good opportunity of enterprise local cooperation to promote project implementation and thoroughly solve historical legacy problems, and put forward clear requirements for the development of military products business.
Wang Jinwen, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Director of the Comprehensive Management Department of the Ordnance Equipment Group, Xian Zhigang, Director of the Strategic Development Department, Xiang Jiayun, Director of the Military Products Department, and Lv Hongxian, Director of the Southwest Regional Department, attended.


Proposal | Let the Spirit of Lei Feng shine on the journey of building a world-class enterprise

Proposal | Let the Spirit of Lei Feng shine on the journey of building a world-class enterprise



Fully recognized

On May 29th, in order to build a team of grassroots party workers who are capable of dedication, daring to take on responsibilities, good at mass work, and good at organizing and coordinating, the company held the 2023 party building training in the third conference room. More than 70 grassroots party organization secretaries, branch members, and new party member representatives from the company participated in the training.


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