Great start! Ordnance Equipment Group's total profit in the first quarter increased by 24.1% year-on-year


Fully promote the implementation of the "Key Points and Implementation Plan for the Group Company to Learn and Implement the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China".

Xiaozhuang's note:

 Fully promote the implementation of the "Key Points and Implementation Plan for the Group Company to Learn and Implement the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China".
Adhere to the centennial goal of building the military, firmly establish the orientation of building a strong military to win the war, adhere to the principle of stability and progress in stability, closely focus on the strategic task of accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, actively serve to build a Dual circulation, fully promote high-quality development, coordinate development and security, achieve the expected results in all work, and win a "good start" in the first quarter to build a strong country Make positive contributions to national rejuvenation.
In the first quarter, the "one profit and five ratios" achieved "one increase, one stability, and four improvements", and the total profit increased by 24.1% year-on-year.
The asset liability ratio decreased by 1.76 percentage points year-on-year, controlled within the annual target.
The return on equity, operating cash ratio, and R&D investment intensity increased by 1.97 percentage points, 8.66 percentage points, and 0.93 percentage points respectively year-on-year.
The annualized total labor productivity increased by 10.73% year-on-year, winning the initiative and consolidating the foundation for completing the annual target tasks.

Focus on implementing responsibilities in place
Establish a responsibility system of coordinated and integrated promotion from top to bottom

The Ordnance Equipment Group, bearing in mind the mission and responsibility of stabilizing growth as the "main force" and "ballast stone", has refined the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on doing a good job in economic work into an operational plan to accelerate high-quality development and improve quality and efficiency. It has formulated 31 work measures and mechanisms in six aspects of the "2023 Quality and Efficiency Improvement Work Plan", which has been decomposed into 58 specific measures for the first quarter.

The member units actively responded and strengthened implementation, combined with their own actual situation, formulated implementation plans, clarified more than 1100 work measures, and decomposed them into responsible units on a quarterly basis, forming a vivid situation of integrated and collaborative promotion between the upper and lower levels of the group, in order to achieve a "good start" in the first quarter, gather strong consensus and gather a surging tide.

Focus on strengthening the real economy
Promote the development of high-quality industrial clusters with "two circles and one new" to a higher level

The automotive industry is making every effort to increase sales and market share.
Changan Automobile's profit in the first quarter increased by 27.9% year on year, with a cumulative sales volume of 608000 vehicles, ranking third in the industry, up one place year on year.
The sales volume of Chinese brands is 519000 units, ranking second, and the market share of Chang'an passenger fuel vehicles ranks first in the industry.
The development of new energy intelligent connected vehicles accelerated, and the influence of brands such as Dark Blue and Aveta continued to increase. In the first quarter, the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 89.5% year on year.
The integration of zero components and the transformation of components into the "new four modernizations" have been steadily advancing. The revenue of the "new four modernizations" products has increased by 119% year-on-year, and the electric drive acceleration plan and the wire controlled chassis transformation plan have been orderly promoted.
Strategic emerging industries (including new energy vehicles) have developed steadily. Changan Automobile and Chongqing Qingshan have been selected by the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Republic of China (SASAC) to create world-class, specialized, special and new demonstration enterprises. Chengdu Guangming Optoelectronics Innovation Project has made breakthroughs.
The internationalization strategy was orderly promoted, and Changan Automobile exported 60500 vehicles in the first quarter.
Focusing on innovation driven

Solid promotion of technological self-reliance and self-improvement

Research and development investment increased by 8.5% year-on-year, and new achievements were made in technological innovation.
Accelerate the implementation of the "13481" scientific and technological innovation system, complete the change of the Science and Technology Committee of the group company, strengthen the strategic consultation and control role on major scientific and technological issues, carry out the promotion and implementation of the scientific and technological innovation system, formulate an annual task list, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological enterprise groups with high quality and efficiency.
Continuously promote the construction of high-level innovation platforms. We will steadily promote the construction of key laboratories and strengthen cooperation with national strategic scientific and technological forces such as national laboratories, advantageous universities, and central enterprises in industry, academia, research, and application.
Strengthen key task tackling and achievement transformation. Breakthrough progress has been made in related projects, with 2129 patent applications, including 1463 invention patent applications, a year-on-year increase of 64.6%. Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, with a contribution rate of 53.1% for new products.
Accelerated the promotion of digital, green, and low-carbon transformation, and obtained the "Excellent" evaluation for the first phase of the special action of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to enhance digital intelligence; Deeply implement the Action Plan for Carbon Peak and actively promote green and low-carbon Megaproject.

Focus on continuous deepening of reform
Actively planning a new round of state-owned enterprise reform to deepen and enhance actions

Issuing the "Key Points for the 2023 Reform Work of the Group Company", solidly summarizing and assessing the three-year actions of state-owned enterprise reform.
Continuously improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, strengthen the standardized operation of the board of directors, and guide all subsidiary enterprises to complete the revision of the Party committee's pre list according to the three categories of wholly-owned, controlling, and public institutions.
Deepen the optimization of layout and structural adjustment, continue to deepen the results of the "two non" divestment, promote slimming and physical fitness, complete the task of reducing one household, carry out loss making enterprise governance through the "one enterprise, one policy", and promote the integration of Chengdu Guangming and Guangming Co., Ltd.
Further enhance vitality and improve efficiency, and launch a new round of "Double Hundred Enterprises" and "Science and Technology Reform Enterprises" selection in advance.

Focus on risk prevention and resolution
Accelerate the modernization of security systems and capabilities

Strengthen the construction of risk management system, establish a risk monitoring linkage mechanism, refine and decompose 5 major risks into 15 risk indicators, and firmly consolidate risk prevention and control responsibilities. Continuously promote self inspection of purchase and sales and rectification of special inspection issues.
Promoting the Year of Strengthening Security Management, and maintaining a stable security situation. Organize a three-year "look back" campaign, continuously consolidate the achievements of rectification, and ensure that every shot and bullet is fully controlled.
Implement the requirements of "carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion, and growth", issue the "Implementation Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Work of the Group Company", and focus on pollution prevention and ecological protection.
Improve emergency plans, improve emergency response mechanisms, and consolidate the foundation of national security and social stability.

Efforts to strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the Party
Guided by high-quality party building to ensure high-quality development

Make comprehensive learning and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China the primary political task, make theme education a major political task, adhere to the leadership of the Party, strengthen Party building, and effectively promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party to develop in depth.
Coordinate and deploy the party building work throughout the year, study and formulate the "Key Points and Implementation Plan for the Group Company's Party Group to Learn and Implement the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", "2023 Task Arrangement for the Group Company's Party Group to Implement Comprehensive and Strict Governance of the Party's Main Responsibilities", "2023 Party Building Work Key Points for the Group Company's Party Group", and "2023 Party Conduct, Clean Government Construction, and Anti Corruption Work Key Points and Task Division", Convene a meeting on the construction of Party conduct and clean governance and anti-corruption work, and make key arrangements for the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party throughout the year.
Actively promote the theme education of the group company, comprehensively deploy theme education, and promote the high standard launch and comprehensive deployment of theme education.
Raise political standing and seriously accept the first round of inspections by the 20th Central Committee; Launch the third round of party group inspections to fully cover the first batch of inspections.
Complete the on-site assessment of the annual party building work of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission with high standards and quality, and solidly carry out the on-site inspection of the 2022 company's party building report and assessment of enterprises and public institutions, as well as the party building responsibility system.



Proposal | Let the Spirit of Lei Feng shine on the journey of building a world-class enterprise

Proposal | Let the Spirit of Lei Feng shine on the journey of building a world-class enterprise



Fully recognized

On May 29th, in order to build a team of grassroots party workers who are capable of dedication, daring to take on responsibilities, good at mass work, and good at organizing and coordinating, the company held the 2023 party building training in the third conference room. More than 70 grassroots party organization secretaries, branch members, and new party member representatives from the company participated in the training.


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