Talent Concept

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Talent Concept

Talent Concept
Possessing both integrity and ability, pursuing progress and putting people first


The Company is  committed to improving employees' competence and living quality, pursuing  the fundamental harmony between people and science, embodying their maximum value, and actively creating good working and living conditions  for talent development. 
We vigorously advocate to retain talents by career, emotion and benefits, regularly select excellent talents and send them to universities for training or further study, break rules to promote talents and put in important positions, and constantly improve the promotion mechanism to make outstanding employees stand out. 
We have a sound welfare system, paying five social insurances and housing fund, providing one-time settling-in allowance for newly employed university graduates, handling household registration transfer, and providing personnel dossier management. We adopt broadband pay system and merit pay mechanism. 
We warmly welcomes high-level talents such as undergraduates, postgraduate, Ph.D. students, and postdoctoral researchers to join in, provide a space to display your talents, and build a stage to realize your ideals.



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